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How to measure with Ultrasound any vehicle?

 Here we show the standard measurement procedure on an engine, gearbox, turbocharger Ideally there shouldn't be much difference in the RMS (root mean square) value for each point. Example:  The result of this measurement indicates the amount of event within the measuring time period. This alone is only an indication of the condition of an engine.  Once the results of all 3 measure points are added in our software, the actual wear and tear can be determined.  The result is easiest to understand for customers on a scale from 0-5 stars, whereas 5 stars indicates a new car, 0 stars  indicates literally a malfunctioning condition to the point of being no longer salvageable.  As lower the star rating, as higher the wear and tear and as higher the breakdown risk.  No other device can give the accuracy of the possible risk. This makes Ultrasound extremely valuable for Fleet management : Buses , Lorries, heavy vehicles shall ideally be utilized around the clock and stand still times create

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